Video | 14 minutes | 2018

An extensive walk in the Romanian Retezat Mountains was documented in late 2016 and subsequently became the vertebrae of Peleaga. Woven in and out of the mountain walk are news of a wandering bear, the Retezat region archive, concurrent political footnotes, and voices of the artist’s maternal and paternal grandparents who have weathered solitary lives. The inner and outer landscapes together attempt a terrestrial sketch of aloneness, grief, and autonomy. Built mainly by still images, Peleaga rests between motion and paralysis emulating the fractured velocity of mind and time.

Composition, Sound Editing and Mixing by Michael Picknett  
Interviewees Wang Fuhua, Wang Jingshan
Poems by Wang Fuhua
Romanian Translation by Maria Roxana Necula
Recorded in the Retezat Mountains, Romania; Guiyang, China; Gaanderen, the Netherlands 

Commissioned and Supported by Festival Belluard Bollwerk International (Fribourg, CH)