Video | 9 minutes | 2019

A revisitation of an inconspicuous site where the popular cinema Leytonstone Picture Palace once stood, and its neighbouring architecture Bearmans (1898-1983) — a family-run department store that was also lost to time amidst the regeneration of East London. Through impromptu physical dialogues on site, the project attempts to look more intently at the altered yet immediate streetscapes of Leytonstone, London, and invoke what was before — that which eluded much of public records and was only deposited in the private recollections.

Created as part of the multimedia exhibition Leytonstone Picture Palace; commissioned by the Stone Space Gallery and Waltham Forest Council as part of London Borough of Culture 2019

Performed by Petra Söör
Filmed and edited by Wang Yue

A collaboration with Dominic Stinton